So what you breathing for?

You know those people who just seem to be in sync with you on certain levels? Similar sense of humour, a friend just as crazy (psycho) as you when it comes to boys/girls etc.  Well I have a friend who’s like that with my music taste – if they tell me to listen to a track, then I know I’m probably going to like it.

When I heard this track I was a little disappointed, disappointed because I hadn’t been the one to find it first. It’s amazing. I don’t want to write about this song and ruin it by not doing it justice. All I’ll say is that if you’re going to listen to it for the first time, make sure you’re wearing headphones and can commit to listening to it all the way through without doing anything else. This really is one of those special songs.

Phoria are a five-piece band and hail from Brighton in the UK. Check them out:



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