bruuuutiful started life as a spotify playlist, with the purpose of being a collection of tracks that I could listen to any time of the day. As the playlist grew, friends and friends of friends started following and listening to it (which was pretty cool).

One of my favourite parts about having the playlist was the conversations it would spark with friends. However, having recently moved from London to Australia, most of my friends are far away. So the times we do get to talk it’s rarely about music, shit like what’s going on in each other’s lives seems to get more focus.

I wanted to create a proper platform to discuss and share music with my friends, because music is so important to me and it’s played a fundamental role within many of the friendships and relationships I’ve had. I love sharing music and having people share it back.

Posting music on Facebook never really felt like the right place – there’s already so much ‘noise’ there. You also need to be in a certain frame of mind to listen to and appreciate music, a frame of mind I don’t think most people would be in when they’re thumbing down their Facebook feed on their cigarette break. So I’d like to think that by giving the music I share a permanent place, people are free to experience and listen to it when they’re most open to it. As bruuuutiful was the playlist that started it all – it felt only natural that this platform should stem from it.

I don’t have any real musical knowledge or ‘authority’ as to why what I think is good is good (the closest thing to a musical background I have is a D in Music GCSE). I just know what I like and what I don’t – and so far, a lot of people seem to like what I like. If you like what I like, cool, if you don’t, that’s cool too.