Something to lounge to

A true friend is hard to find

Fellow Melburnian Thrupence a.k.a. Jack Vanzet is somewhat of a creative prodigy. His music on his SoundCloud makes the perfect soundtrack for gawping at his art on his website.

Don’t You Mind is from the upcoming mixtape Lessons and is available to download for free from Jack’s Bandcamp page. Think I’m a little bit in love.




You give me sunshine

You know that feeling when you wake up after a big night out; your head kinda hurts and you’re pretty thirsty. You should probably get up and have some water.

But the sunshine has been pouring through your window all morning, your skin is warm, the bed is warm and the person next to you is still sound asleep. You can’t help but smile.

You’re still kinda half asleep, so as long as you don’t open your eyes too wide you know you could probably drift back into dreams. Rather than get up and face the inevitable hangover, you pull the person in close and go back to sleep. Deciding to live in this warm, happy moment a little longer – totally content.

That’s how this song makes me feel – a perfect, sunny dream.


Rock the boat

In 2012 Compuphonic busted his way into every summer playlist with the dreamy-dancey-drenched-in-summer anthem Sunset.

While not as instantaneously ear addictive as Sunset, Radio Atlantis is a solid addition to any summer playlist. It’s the perfect track for the sunshine and friends; whether you’re yachting, cruising along an ocean road, or just gathered in the park tanning and drinking. The track just begs to be played in quality company – and why wouldn’t you wanna share something that sounds so good?

Older RnB fans will notice the sample (Aaliyah’s ‘Rock the Boat’), but I think you’ll agree, even without it this track would still be a summer bomb.