It all started with a Spotify playlist. If you use Spotify, below are some quick links to some of my main playlists. If you don’t, you can get it here.


This site’s namesake & probably my most listened to playlist. It’s been around since May ’12, so there’s some old stuff in there. Additionally, any music that gets posted on this website and is available on Spotify, can be found here.

chilly willy

Originally made as a morning after playlist; chill stuff that’s got a bit of energy behind it.

yo buddy, GO STUDY

A collection of deep tech tracks that helped me study when I was in university and that I often use when I need to get shit done. Not sure if anyone has a brain like mine, but this sort of music helps me focus. It keeps my background thoughts entertained without distracting my front of mind thoughts (i.e. the shit I need to do).