Bang me like a drum

This is one of those songs I keep finding myself listen to over and over- it’s a great deep house track.

When you listen to pop music, everything is kind of given to you on a plate. A good pop song has catchy melodies and lyrics that make you want to hear the song again, all it needs from you is half your focus.

Deep house is different in the sense that it needs time; time to build, time to get under your skin and time to appreciate. Give this song a few listens (preferably with headphones) and see what you think.



I’ll be like a fire

If I was still living in the Northern Hemisphere I’d be ranting and raving about how excited I was to hear this track pop up in different Summer sets, festivals and shit. However, seeing as it’s actually Winter in Australia as of next week – I’ll just talk about the track.

Check out how great the brooding momentum works with the mischeivous sounding vocals. And how about those melodic siren sounds that come in at 3:44? Pretty sick yeah? Yeah.


Fade away

Skream just recently launched a new label, ‘Of Unsound Mind’, and this is it’s first release by an artist called Motions.

The first track FADING brings to mind being somewhere sunny, totally content with life, (probably a little bit buzzed), just letting all your problems ‘fade away’. With FIELDING, the second track, you feel more like you’re inside, having come in from the sun- but not for long. You’ve just decided to go out tonight so you’re in your bedroom grooving along to this and your own happy thoughts. As HOME IS FAR AWAY starts there’s definitely a more industrial feel – you’re in the club – deep into your night out, perhaps even near the end. HOME IS FAR AWAY and the journey back to it is probably gonna suck. But none of that matters – because where you are right now feels really, really good.

The EP is pretty special. If you listen to it, make sure to give it time and attention – it really is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more from Motions and seeing what else comes out on Skream’s new label.

Of Unsound Mind – SoundCloud
Skream – SoundCloud
Skream – Facebook

Don’t care what they say

The Röyksopp & Robyn mini-album drops in 3 days, however you can stream the full thing already over at NPR here. When I first found out they were teaming up for a mini-album, I lost my shit a little. Every time these two titans of electronic music and the queen of pop (no homo) have teamed up the result has always been stellar.

The mini-album is no different; the whole thing is just so fucking tasty that I can’t pick a favourite (and if I could I wouldn’t be able to post one as they’re not all on SoundCloud yet). I can however, pick and post a favourite Do It Again remix. “MmmMmm”.

Röyksopp & Robyn

SoundCloud – Röyksopp
SoundCloud – Robyn