music to dance to

Those little things you do

Typing this website’s URL into my browser after over a year of nothing, I had braced myself to cringe and hurriedly archive/delete the whole project; saving the URL for another project at some other time.

That didn’t happen though (new post, duh). Instead I re-discovered all the great music here and realised I couldn’t put an end to sharing something I cared so much about.

The above track isn’t symbolic for the year silence or a statement of any sort. It’s just another bruuuutiful song, from an incredible EP (Fones).



I’m a fruity loop

While the internet is a great place for finding music, nothing beats experiencing it live in the club with a great DJ. Add the Shazam app (aka the best damn thing ever) to the equation and it’s a great way to find music.

Andhim recently did an Australian tour and I had the pleasure of seeing one of their sets (it was off the hook). This is one of the tracks I shazamed from their set. Will post more from the set in due course.

Martin Waslewski:


Ole Biege: