Playlist – Walrus

Made for everyday listening. Starts off vibrant and winds down throughout – best not shuffled, but you can do what you want. Should be good with a joint too.

Those little things you do

Typing this website’s URL into my browser after over a year of nothing, I had braced myself to cringe and hurriedly archive/delete the whole project; saving the URL for another project at some other time.

That didn’t happen though (new post, duh). Instead I re-discovered all the great music here and realised I couldn’t put an end to sharing something I cared so much about.

The above track isn’t symbolic for the year silence or a statement of any sort. It’s just another bruuuutiful song, from an incredible EP (Fones).



Fire then dirt, then dust

I’ve been listening to the new Kyla La Grange album this past week and have been really enjoying it. Some tracks are growers, so it’s definitely worth giving it a good few plays to really get into it. You can actually stream 10 of the 14 tracks on her SoundCloud (link below), but do check out the other four because they’re some of my favourite ones.

The Knife is the second single released from the album and it’s one of the more accessible tracks – something you can play and instantly like. On the surface it’s a real summery track (gotta love those steel drums), however when you listen closer to the words it feels a lot more dark and sinister.

Whenever I listen to it I can’t help but imagine that if there was an apocalypse movie set in the Caribbean, this would be part of the soundtrack. The Knife would be the track that marked the start of the apocalypse, with the 50 second mark being the moment when paradise turns to chaos. Not a bad track to die to I guess.